Customer trust and data security are important to everything we do at schoolbic, and we are pleased to surpass industry standards when it comes to protecting institution data.


Schoolbic has been designed and developed to certifies the security of our application, database, and infrastructure. The super admin or owner who handles the subscription has control over who has access and what they can do on the system.

schoolBic mainstay on Security

1. Safety

Give parents that peace of mind needed

Parents can rest assured that schoolskot is a trusted, verified caretaker of their children’s data. When a school start using our software, parents, students and employees are invited into the secure system, and every one information is entered with permission from the school authorities consent.
We have implemented several measures to prevent unauthorised access to data

2. Privacy

You own every data, we keep it safe on your dedicated server.

none of our staff can access your information unless you request them to help. We do not sell student or school data.
We also do not collect, maintain, use or share students’ personal information beyond that needed for authorized educational or schooling purposes, or as authorized by the parent or school authorities.
Please see our privacy policy for further information Availability

24/7 uptime

We understand for cloud base service to be useful, it has to be available 24/7.

We ensure that our services are developed upon a solid platform with core technologies, and we are always active in the track down of possible points of failure. you can always keep backup copies of your institution data. meanwhile, Any planned maintenance that would disrupt service is announced weeks in advance and downtime is kept to a minimum level


designed and developed to meet World Class Standards

Quality Assurance team works with our development teams to integrate features quickly and safely. We make sure every part of our software meets the strict quality standards of today’s world.

Regular updates and innovation

We are constantly enhancing our software to deliver more,

new features, performance improvements, and better user experience.
New announcements of our core system are always published without downtime or intense involvement of our customers schoolbic support auto-update.

schoolbic have much to say concerning security

Stop the Guessing!!

We are confident that our school management software will meet your institution’s requirements.

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