School Website development

Invest smartly, did you know that? A captivating school website will attract enquiries and encourage applicants to enrol 60 per cent more in your school than your regular marketing strategy.

School Website development

Be unique from the crowd through your website, let’s the Edu-tech expert at Schoolbic create a powerful online presence for your school, we design and develop outstanding school website that takes your institution to the next level.

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Crafting an online presence with a high impact is vital for your success, but the modern website can be time-consuming and challenging without the right professional, in most cases impossible to create and maintain on your own.

A new project gives us the chance to create something unique for us, our school website specialists have years of experience in creating and coding custom school websites that make your institution stand out from the crowd. All of our school websites are guided by the principles and concepts of UX in your mind.

  • With Schoolbic's website solution for school and district, you 'll,
    Compel website visitors with mobile responsive compatibility and unique design preferences.
  • Boost return on investment (ROI) by converting your visitors to applicants
  • Launch a unique experience with built-in features such as live chat, school event, dynamic school calendar, etc.
  • Maximize time with a simplified content editor

SEO and Analytics

Just like anything, our school website specialists ensure that SEO and data best practices are implemented from the outset.

  • Thereby:
    improving your school credibility, top listing school website has a strong impact on brand awareness and people trust a high ranked website on google and other search engines.
  • Getting your school website a top spot on Google and other search engines for your keywords
  • helping your school website generate more organic traffic & increase applicant
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Design for speed.

school website optimization

Let’s face it nobody likes a slow loading website so your school website approach has to be fast in loading time and load completely under 3 seconds to keep your visitor on your website, this is a major hurdle for older school websites trying to make a good impression.

Designing a beautiful and visually appealing site remains a top priority, but speed must be considered, according to google developers, google constantly updates its google search algorithm and understands the behaviour of your website user, and favours website that loads within 3-second intervals.

  • As a result, these are some of our speed approaches to school website we develop:
    We use CDN (content delivery network) to serve our content faster to visitors
  • All images that we use must be optimized for the web
  • In most cases, we do visuals with code instead of graphics
  • we use photography strategically, to leverage video only when it’s the point of attention of the content
  • We write content on our website so that it is as clear and concise as possible.
  • We ensure that all of our school websites are as efficient and light as possible.

Why choose Schoolbic for your school website development

As an Edu-tech focus company with many years of experience, we have done a lot of work for large, medium, small and even start-up institutions and we see every new project as an opportunity to create something unique.

when other school website developers are more interested in cash, we just want to take on new challenges and make an impression, no matter how small your budget may be, we're going to put a smile on your face.

just like every other of our services, we provide continuous support with 24/7 access to customer care, with all of our customers as a priority, just get in touch with us

Feel relaxed no need to worry about hosting and SSL certificate that we have covered, focus on providing better education, and allow the tech geek to handle the technical aspect of your school website.

We know that as time passes, you may want to add a little touch up to your website, or possibly include the latest school website trend for that year, or need daily or monthly updates, just a reminder that we're always with you. however, with minimal IT knowledge, you will be able to edit your website.

Feel relaxed no need to worry about hosting and SSL certificate that we have covered, focus on providing better education, and allow the tech geek to handle the technical aspect of your school website.

We captivate your visitors by connecting your school website to schoolbic school management software

we don’t just design and develop attractive school websites, we can interconnect your school website with our school management software “schoolbic” and showcase your unique modernization and virtual school to your visitors.

Stop the Guessing!!

We are confident that our school management software will meet your institution’s requirements.

Do you want to chat with an expert before getting started, or do you have questions about SchoolBic?

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