School Accounting Software

The smart solution to streamline your school accounting system, automate the process of receiving payment, making payment, track fees, auto-populate detailed invoices, and receive all payments from one place in your educational institution.

School Accounting Software

Financial management is the most tedious task in any organization. Schoolbic School Accounting Software provides an efficient finance management solution using a variety of functions

Schoolbic school account management software has helped thousands of institutions and schools optimize their accounting system.

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“”I don’t always clop, but when I do, it’s because of schoolBic. SchoolBic school accounting software has really helped our Institution. I would be lost without schoolBic school accounting software. Absolutely wonderful!”

Stella F. Osborn – Einstein School for Girls-Maryland

A robust billing system and reliable support

Let’s accept this fact — nobody likes to pay bills, so a school approach must be efficient and straightforward for parents to pay their children’s school fees, but it should not lead to further difficulties for school accountants and authorities in managing school finance easily, automated and manual invoicing, fee discount, multiple payment gateways and other invaluable options should be available.

Schoolbic’s school accounting software offers the best in both at no extra cost to your institution with dedicated Edu-tech expert support, automated payment reminder, invoicing etc, This helps build an excellent user experience and ensures that you have the tools you need to operate efficiently and sustainably.

  • With Schoolbic’s software for school accounting you’ll:
    Make knowledgeable decisions by Gain more clarity into your school financial reporting
  • work more efficiently through automated processes of fee payment.
  • Gain the confidence of fee payers with secure payment gateway solutions
  • Provide extraordinary experience with a quick and easy, mobile-friendly payment solution.

Accessible through multiple devices

Guardians can pay the fee of their ward from anywhere in the world with any devices Mac, PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone. while school accountants and authorities can also access payment likewise.

  • Provide an itemized type of school fees and other optional fees
  • Offer flexible payment plan options — pay in full, in partial, monthly, termly or use a personalized plan.
  • Urge Guardian to pay their ward’s fee on time, you can enable an early payment discount
  • Accept different methods of payment including credit card (e.g. online or offline) Bank transfer, check, cash payment, PayPal and other payment options

Advanced School Accounting Management Software

Avoid the inconvenience, eliminate untidy school accounting report and conflict of bill collection. Save time by leveraging schoolbic school accounting software

you can request for further customization of SchoolBic school accounting software, to suit your institution needs.
Many educational institute have requested the customization of SchoolBic school accounting software for the automatic debit of cash, for school fee and other payment from parent or guardian credit card or bank account to avoid unnecessary debt from the parent.

Reliable Payment Gateway

among our top priority is to protect your institution financial activity. and to tackle this we have integrated some of the world most trusted payment gateway like PayPal, 2CheckOut & PayUmoney and Paystack. apart from the above-listed payment gateway, we can integrate your preferred payment gateway into our application.

  • and procedural safeguards include:
    All payment data is transmitted using 256-bit encryption
  • All Payment is secured as all payment processing is redirected to a payment gateway such as PayPal, 2checkout, PayUmoney, Paystack or your added preferred payment gateway(POS)
  • Funds that are processed using payment gateway are available at your payment gateway, we do not hold funds only transactions activities are recorded.
  • For every successful payment, an invoice is generated automatically on both the SchoolBic accounting portal, which is also available on your payment gateway and is automatically available to the payer

interconnected school Accounting and School management system

The best School accounting software is the one that is connected with your school management system to avoid issues with importing data or syncing third-party databases, the same login credentials used to pay school fee also provides access to academic records in the learning management system and student information system, and school fee billing and payments are automatically connected into the school account management software to avoid double data entry.

Stop the Guessing!!

We are confident that our school management software will meet your institution’s requirements.

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