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give the very best digital software to your organization, employee, students and parents, at the best pricing

Branded in your school name and style

You can now experience the privilege of owning a dedicated mobile app in your institution’s name that will communicate with the ERP and stay connected with everyone.

Integrated with personalized email, SMS, payment system, atttendance functionality and everything you’d need to add tremendous values for your institution.

Exclusive school mobile app for all user-types

Teachers Can Take Attendance Of Their Student Or Pupil, Students Can View Their Timetable, Parents Can View Attendance, Principal And Admins Can Send Messages & Announcements Etc. Utilizing The Same Mobile App.

Introducing 21-century mobile feature to your institution

You Can Now Send Messages To Students Parent And Employee, Pay Charges, Take Attendance, An Employee Can Request Leave Right From The School Mobile App. The All-In-One Inbuilt Messaging  Module in The Mobile App, Users Can Communicate and Send Private Messages Between Users With Extra Control On The Message Supply And Response Method.

Highly effective School ERP App a companion for teachers & Admins

View Student And Employee information, Attendance Class Timetable Overview and e.t.c

Student Listing,
Batch Timetable,
Student And Employee Attendance Overview
Teachers Timetable
Take Attendance
and many more.
Teachers Can Apply Leaves & Administrator Approve Leaves And Many More
View students profile, students attendance, timetable overview and many more.

Amazing feature You Will Ever Need in Your School ERP App

Collaborate With Parent And Guidance Through Messages

Superb school Administration App for parent, guidance & students

Magical features

Extra-Ordinary Features To Remain Connected To Your Institutions.
School Notice Board Announcements Delivered Immediately

  • You Can View & Parents Can Pay Fees Online. Using The School Mobile App
  • Generate Attendance Report

The Fees Aspect Is An Important Part Of School Management Software. When You Can Do Everything Else Through The App, Wouldn’t It Be Okay If Parent And Student Can Pay Fees Through The School Mobile App? Online Fees Payment Can Be A Real Icing On The Cake When Utilizing The SchoolBic Mobile App. So We’ve Got This Feature Accommodated, By Offering A Cost Possible For The Parents Within The App Itself.

white-label mobile apps

Branded In Your Institution’s Name, Logo And Colours Every Institution Will Get Their Very Own Mobile App With The Brand Of Their Institution The App Icon, Name Of The Institution, And A Preferred Colouration Theme For The App. Additionally, Institutions Can Create Customized Pages Within The School Mobile App For Chairman’s Message, Founder’s Vision, About Us And So On

Think About A State Of Affairs, The Place You’d Have An App To Your College Within The Android Google Play store/ Apple play store, That Users (Parents, Student, Teacher And The Employees). Sure, We’re Talking About An Individual App For Every Institution, Branded As Quickly and publish on the play store, Because The Management Decides To Go Together With The Mobile App. This Would Communicate Volumes Concerning The Schools Commitment And Perspective.

Available for iOS & Android users

amazing Opportunity to Remodel Your Institution through schoolbic ERP Mobile App

Thrilling Opportunity to Remodel Your Institution
through your school brand mobile App

schoolbic School Administration App is an ideal solution for your institution to develop to a the next level. In today’s digital world, give the very best digital solution to your organization, employee, students and parents. Take pleasure in the advantages of getting your very own dedicated school mobile app in your institution’s identify.

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We are confident that our school management software will meet your institution’s requirements.

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