Getting started with Online Exams

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administrators & teachers can create online exams for a student with the ability to define the class students able to take this exam and option to show the score after finish exam or not. indicate the start and deadline of the exam with unlimited questions.
Support 3 types of questions : Select one answer, Select multiple answers & enter text value. Images attachments per question is supported.
You can also specify the applicable time for an exam that a student can pass the exam since the exam started.
Teachers can see student answers to the questions

To add/edit exam by Add exam button or edit button :

  • Enter the Exam title & Description
  • Select the Class (You can select multiple) & Subject
  • Select the Exam start date & Deadline
  • specify Allowed exam time in minutes
  • Specify Pass Grade of the exam to define the Pass/Failed status
  • In the Extras section, you can select to show grade to the student after finish & submit the answers
  • Add Exam questions and answers, enter the question mark, select the true answer the press add question

You can show marks of students who took the exam by pressing the below button

Students can take the online exams