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schoolbic school management system offers a user-friendly dashboard together with login access for school owners, teachers, accountant students, parents librarian, HR, receptionist, store Keeper, management personnel of your institution and Unlimited roles types you can easily customize for your self.
The various modules available in schoolbic assist in all the academic and management of your institution, from the admission of new students to student information management, inventory management, poll creation, payment of fee, instant and schedule invoice generation, exam management, SMS and many more 

Schoolbic has functions to manage timetable, attendance, examinations, mark-sheet, assignments, school news, hostel, library, transportation, global school calendars, events and many more. It has a fully-fledged human resource section to manage the payroll and employee payslips. The financing module would facilitate you to plan and a lot of different fee structures for students.
schoolbic is also the perfect collaboration software using its task, staff, discussion, Poll creation function and weblog function. There is also an internal messaging system for SMS and Emails within schoolbic, but you can also integrate it with your external communication tools for texting and emailing. 

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SchoolBic Feature Overview

Schoolbic is a reliable, robust, and future-proof school management software. below are some of the features of SchoolBic click on feature to learn more

SchoolBic Addon

*All of the below addon is available for free on professional plan

  • SchoolBic Mobile App

    Android & iOS apps in your school brand for parents, teachers, students & other users

  • classroom software

    Live Classroom Integration

    Digitalize your classroom students and teachers can now teach and learn within or outside their classroom

  • Biometric device integration

    Monitor and take attendance automatically for students and employees with minimal effort through biometric integration

  • Customizable software
    SchoolBic is an edu-tech software that has great features and design. Our software and team are readily available to further customize schoolbic to meet your institution 's requirements.
  • Affordable pricing
    SchoolBic is an affordable school management software suited to all school types, and schoolBic is free for all users except students. Institutions will only be charged on the basis of the number of students in their school.

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