Teachers are essential in all institutes, SchoolBic have a rich module to manage teachers. With easy advanced search to find a specific teacher and export & import features of teachers sheets as PDF or Excel sheet.

Access teachers from the left main menu, select Employees => Teachers.

Eduopus teachers access

Click on Teachers.

Eduopus teachers  list

You can search for a specific teacher using our Advanced search
Click on Advanced Search, search with Email, Gender and Name.

Eduopus teachers search

Account Status #

You can toggle the status of any teacher entry by clicking on the yellow toggle button, the current status of the field is displayed on Lamp icon beside the name of teacher.

This green lamp beside the name of teacher indicating that this account is active.

Eduopus parents active

This red lamp beside the name of teacher indicating that this account is inactive.

Eduopus parents هىشؤفهرث

Exports & Imports #

You can Export teachers list as PDF or Excel sheet using Export and Import buttons on the top-right of the page. Exported data will be similar to the sheet on the below image.

Eduopus parents pdf

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