Taking Online Exam

Here you can view how to answer Online Exam.

1. Click on Online exams from the main left menu.

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams menu

2. You will find Online exams module as below image

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams list

Click on the take exam mark icon beside exam entry.

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams takeAfter clicking on the button, you will taken to exam page as below image.

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams take exam

If retaking of exam is disable every user can only take the exam one time only. If the user tries to take the exam again, the system will show this warning preventing him from taking the exam.

 Eduopus Welcome Online Exams took before

While creating an exam, you can select to show the grade of the student after finishing the exam. If you selected this option, his mark will be displayed on a dialog to the student after he finish solving questions.

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