Request vacation

Requesting vacation is a pretty easy task, click on vacations on the main left menu.

  1. Click on the request vacation.
  2. You will find this page to request a vacation by selecting the start and end dates of the vacation.

    Eduopus Vacations select
  3. Let’s assume to the request vacation as on the image above. You should have enough balance of vacation days to request this vacation.
    If you don’t have enough balance of days the system will show this warning.

    Eduopus Vacations no balance
  4. After selecting dates, you will find the page of all selected days with notes for every day like that’s this day Is off or this day is a holiday.

    Eduopus Vacations confirm
  5. After that click on confirm vacation on the bottom of the page, After confirming vacation your request will be sent to admins to be approved.

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