Questions Bank

Online exams module have questions bank where you create exam questions, these questions are accessible while creating an online exam.

1. Click on Online exams from main left menu.

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams menu

2. You will find Online exams module as below image

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams list

3. Click on Questions Bank

4. Here you can see currently questions on your bank, these questions are accessible while creating an online exam.

5. Click on the Add Question button manually add a new question or click the import button to bulk import questions from your system, for bulk importing of questions the system will promt you to download an excel template you will use to import your questions.

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams add question

Every question has: 

1. Question statement, written on Question field, here you can write whatever you want on our rich text editor.

2. Question mark, if left this field empty so this question calculated for 1 mark.

3. The shared question,  mark question as shared will make it usable with other teachers to use it in another exam.

4. Image attached to this question.

5. The subject of this question.

6. Question type 

  • Select on option: this type allows the user to select only one answer only as a correct answer.
  • Select multiple options: this type allows the user to select multiple answers as the correct answers.
  • Enter text value: this allows the user to write text as an answer.

7. Click on the Add Question button.

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