Public Admission System

SchoolBic offers an efficient system for public users who not registered on institute system, users can register as a student, teacher, parent or employee.

Users can register through your institute frontend CMS like in our demo.
Press on Sign Up button on the top right corner of the page.

Registration wizard asks the user for some questions.
1. At the first step:

  • Select your institute branch.
  • Select registration type ( Student, Parent, Teacher or Employee ).

2. The second step to fill user information as shown in the below image.

3. The third step, if you register as ( Student or Teacher or Employee ) you will be asked to select your class and section, in addition to your Roll id in institute.

If you register as a Parent, you will be asked for your profession and to select your students, in addition to your relation to the selected student.

4. Then your registration form will be applied to institute to activate it.
Your account will be activated automatically If the institute enabled auto activating registered users. If the institute disabled this option, you will wait until institute accepted your registration.

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