Add / Modify Survey

Here you can control and manage your institute survey.

  1. Access Surveys by clicking on Surveys from the main left menu. 

    Eduopus Welcome Surveys menu
  2. You will find a list of current surveys.
  3. You can edit any entry by clicking on the edit icon beside the entry, also can remove any entry by clicking on the remove icon beside the entry.Eduopus Welcome Surveys list

Click on Add Survey button or edit any entry. 

Eduopus Welcome Surveys add

  • Survey Title: title of the survey.
  • Survey Description: Description of the survey.
  • Start Date: when this survey will be available to members to answer it. 
  • End Date: when to end this survey. After that date, members will not be able to take the survey.
  • Target Users: members roles who will be able to answer this survey.
  • Survey Questions: 
    • Click on the Add question to add a new question on this survey.

      Eduopus Welcome Surveys add questions
    • Here you need to write a question title
    • Select question type ( Textbox – Textarea – Dropdown menu – Checkbox – Date ).
    • The default value for this field.
    • Check for this field as ( Is mandatory field ) to mark this field must be filled by the user and can’t be empty without value.

Fields types:

1. Textbox: this type is a basic textbox allow the user to write a value in this field.

2. Textarea: This input same as textbox but allow the user to write multiple lines instead of one line.

3. Date: this input used to pick a date like add a field to ask the user about the date of his birthday.

4. DropDown Menu: This input used to show multiple options and let the user choose only one from these options.

5. Checkbox: This input used to show multiple options and let the user choose one or multiple options from these options.

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