Add / Modify Online Exam

Creating an online exam is a pretty easy task.

1. Click on Online exams from the main left menu.

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams menu

2. You will find Online exams module as below image

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams list

You can edit any entry by clicking on the edit icon beside the entry, also can remove any entry by clicking on the remove icon beside the entry.

Click on Add Exam button or edit any entry.

Eduopus Welcome Online Exams edit

Every exam has:

1. Title of exam.

2. Description of exam.

3. Classes that will take this exam, can be one class or multiple classes.

4. The section in previous classes that will take this exam, can be one section or multiple sections.

5. The subject of this exam.

6. Start time, After this date, students will be able to start answering the exam online.

7. End time. After this date, students can’t answer this exam.

8. Allowed exam time in minutes (0 for unlimited).

9. Exam degree of success.

10. Check of Show grade after finishing exams, which will display grade for the student after finishing the exam.

11. Questions, click on the Add question button, will view window to search on your Question Bank, write your question to search about, then select to add this question to the exam.

12. Restricted exam * you can enable or disable (Terminate exam if tab or windows changed)

13.Exam moderators * you can assign a teacher or employee to be incarge of moderation of exam

14. Randomize exam(enable or disable)

15.Exam Retake(enable or disable)


Eduopus Welcome Online Exams import questions

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