Add / Modify Media Center Media

Media is ( Photo or Youtube video or Vimeo video ), media may be added inside albums or on the first main page of Media Center without a parent album.

To access Media Center, from the left menu, select the Media Center section.
You’ll find Media Center 

Eduopus media center list

You can explore media item by hover using your mouse into item you would like to explore, this will display three option:
1. The first button on left, to explore this item.
2. The second button to edit item.
3. The third button to remove the item.

Eduopus media center options

To add album, go to album you would like to add media inside it, then press Upload media button on the top right corner.

Eduopus media center add media button

Media has title, description, and type ( Photo or Youtube video or Vimeo video ).

Eduopus media center add media

1. Photo media
Here you upload Image media type.

Eduopus media center image

2. Youtube media
Here you add URL of Youtube video.

Eduopus media center youtube video

3. Vimeo media
Here you add URL of Vimeo video.

Eduopus media center Vimeo video

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