Add / Modify Field Category

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1. From the Administrative/Special Tasks Menu ( Top Bar ) -> Go to Custom Fields

Eduopus custom fields button

To add a new category, click on ( Add Field Category ) button top right of the screen.
You can edit any entry by clicking on edit icon beside the entry, also can remove any entry by clicking on remove icon beside the entry.

Eduopus custom fields categories list #

You can toggle the status of this category entry by clicking on the yellow toggle button, the current status of the category is displayed on Status Column.

2. Click on Add Field Category or edit any entry. 

Eduopus custom fields add

Feld category has:

  • Title.
  • Status of the category ( Active or Inactive).
  • Available for: this option to check module that this category will be visible on. 
  • Public registration: determine whether this category will be visible on public registration of previous checked on (Available for).

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