Add / Modify conference meeting/Online Class

To access Conferences Meetings/Online Class, From the Special Tasks Menu ( Top Bar ) -> Go to Online Classes & Meetings.

You will find the list of meetings, besides every meeting, you can delete/ edit meeting. You can create a new meeting from the button Create Meeting.

To add or modify meeting. Press on New meeting button or pred Edit to modify previously created meeting.

Create Meeting
Modify Meeting

Form of create / modify meeting appears.

Conference Add / Modify

The following information required :

  • Meeting Title
  • Meeting Description
  • Conference Presenter: Specify who will present the meeting
  • Conference Moderators: Specify who will moderate the meeting
  • Permissions: Specify Who can join this meeting
  • Scheduled time
  • Duration ( Minutes )

After creating/modifying the meeting, Press create a meeting / Modify meeting to save the changes.

Save Meeting

Created meetings will be scheduled for service at it’s scheduled time. 

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