Add / Modify class administrator

To access Administrators, From the Special Tasks Menu ( Top Bar ) -> Go to Administrators.

You will find a list of administrators, don’t try to remove all administrators or remove yourself.

You can control the administrators from the button beside every entry and can add a new administrator from button Add Administrator.
Every administrator must have Full name, username, email address and password.
Also, you can control admin photo and Communication to communicate with this admin with SchoolBic communication ways ( Mail, SMS, and Phone )

Also, you have to set this admin under permission role of predefined roles or create your own using Permission Roles module.
You still able to control permissions of administrators and all other users on the platform using Permission Roles module, so you can create a custom role of administrators to manage specific tasks on the system and create another custom role of administrators to manage other tasks or manage all tasks, hence on. 

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