an edutech software With Great Design

schoolbic offers countless outstanding technical features, schoolbic offers countless outstanding technical features,


schoolbic offers countless outstanding technical features
but it’s been our consciousness to customers that has earned us the most praise, reward and comfort.

Amazing Features & Possibilities

your Custom Branding & Design

every user can select from the pre-defined theme of their taste, we know your institution's look and feel reflect its history and values. we Give customers a branded experience by customizing your institution's colours and logo

available in your language

Available in Many Languages we speak your language, too. schoolBic customers are based all around the world, so we've made our software available in several of the most common languages. and We can add localizations based on your requirement.

Use Your Domain Name

All our customers can use the web address of their choice. Nevertheless, if your institution has its domain name, our team of expert can help set up our software on your already domain name.

Mobile Apps for Android & iOS user

Exciting Opportunity to Transform Your Institution through schoolbic School Mobile App you can now enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated school mobile app, schoolbic School Management App is an ideal solution for your institution to grow to the next level. In today’s internet world, you can now give the best digital tool to your employee, teachers, students and parents. Experience the advantages of having a dedicated school mobile app in your institution’s name.

Sufficient Storage for Files & Lessons

Every of our client-server comes with ample server space to securely store all files, records, and lessons for most institutions. In the rare occasion that more space is needed, we can simply add more storage for you.

MOBILE APP FOR principal

Maintain and manage school administration procedures of all kinds without any hassles

MOBILE APP FOR administrative

Has all the privileges of admin and can monitor and access data of the entire School

MOBILE APP FOR Accountants

The Accountants can check payment details and carry out other activities that are related to the management of the school payroll anytime from the school mobile app


Enables parents to access all information about their wards, pay school fees and many more.


Enables students to proceed and access their academics in a quick and systematic style


Access to the complete profile of each student with privileges to enter assignments, academic scores, attendance and many more.

amazing Opportunity to Remodel Your Institution through schoolbic ERP Mobile App

Stop the Guessing!!

We are confident that our school management software will meet your institution’s requirements.

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