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Biometric Attendance System

unique attendance based

In our biometric-based attendance system, students and employees record their attendance using their biometrics like the fingerprint or face recognition. This data is stored in the device and synced with schoolbic using our schoolbic student information system (SIS) Access app operating in the institution premises. you can Sync configurations like automatic or manual, time of sync etc can be set within the app as per the requirement of the institution.

Real-time attendance tracking

The biometric system helps in storing the attendance data with a zero time lag and helps the admins in maintaining and tracking the attendance of every students/staff members hassle-free. In these days, such type of systems become common in the educational institutes as it is cost-effective and minimize the human efforts.

Automatic Payment Processing

The combination of Payroll management software with Biometric attendance system makes the whole payroll process automated and streamlined. In a glance, the human resource (HR) department can easily track down the attendance/leaves of the staff members, and according to that make the deductions or additions to the salary very easy and automatic.

Reduce Payment Errors to zero

employee payroll can be automatically generated with the integration of biometric systems. The data rendered by biometric attendance management software regarding employees’ attendance, working hours, leaves and holidays are extremely accurate and trustworthy. Thus it means the data is less susceptible to errors and made easy the process for Payroll or human resources (HR) department.

eliminate fake attendance

Attempting fake attendance has become practically impossible with the integration Biometric system because this system reads biometric information that is unique to each human being. Also, eliminate the chance of malpractices such as buddy punching or tampering with the attendance register which is sometimes undertaken by students or staff members.

Enhance your institution with proper security

Biometric attendance system magnifies the institutions’ and student’s security as an only authorized individual with a valid biometric credential can access the school premises. Also, using this system your institution can further improve its security by keeping a track on visitors or guests who visit the students during the school hours along with alerting the school authority instantly.

Instant Notification alert

one of the major concern for parents and school owners is their student and kids safety, but with the integration of biometric software, administrators can easily track the attendance/absence of the students for the particular day from biometric data and send an instant notification to their parents. Biometric system alleviates human work-load and brings transparency to the data.

installing Biometric Integration in schoolbic Software?

get started by purchase the Biometric device, installation would be done by our team get it and connected to local PC

our team would Install the software given into the local PC where the biometric device is connected.

our team would Add the unique ID of every user, which will get from the biometric device in schoolbic

alto!! get ready to gather attendance in the most advanced way into the schoolbic database.

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Biometric Attendance System

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schoolbic Biometric Integration

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