These Tech Adjustments Can Help K–12 Schools Deal with Staff Shortages.

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With too few staff and teachers, institutions needs tech answers to assist them.

Nowadays the educational sector suffers from few teachers, bus drivers and IT staff schools need tech answers to get them through

In most parts of the country, there is a high rate of job vacancies showing up in K-12 schools signpost as schools face a record number of staff shortages. For example, 3,600 education jobs in Illinois are still vacant, teachers retirements are now up to 38 percent yearly in Oklahoma, and vacancies for teachers in Florida is up to 67 percent in August 2021 compared with the same time last year. Other states are also having difficulties in hiring teachers and substitutes.

Teachers are not the only professionals’ school district lacks. Bus driver shortages and understaffed IT departments are also making it difficult to keep things running.

Although there aren’t technology solutions that can magically solve such staffing shortages, however, there are ways in which ed-tech solutions and services can make things easy even with low staff. Edtech solutions and services are what educational institutions need to get along and, for many districts, they’re already funded.

In many occurrences, schools can utilize their ESSER and ECF dollars on tech to ease the burnout brought about by staff deficiencies, however, these government alleviation reserves won’t keep going forever. School pioneers need to comprehend the subsidizing boundaries so areas can put the cash they have now toward their most squeezing needs. It’s likewise vital to comprehend the specifications for utilizing these funds. That will permit locale to apply financing suitably to different answers for understaffed education, transportation and technology departments.

Below are some of the tech adjustments for educational institutions.

Exploit Online Options for Teaching and Learning

One technology solution school districts ought to consider is having a hybrid or remote learning plan. This would enable students to shift between online and in-person instruction on a rotating schedule.
An example of an ed-tech solution that would enable educational institutions to implement a remote learning plan is SchoolBic is a perfect school technology solution for educational institutions.

Remote learning would benefit schools that are having trouble finding substitute teachers to instruct and monitor students when regular teachers are absent. When teachers quarantine as a result of a COVID-19 exposure, their students must be moved to different classrooms for the amount of time that their teacher is out.

With a hybrid learning plan in place, students and their families can choose to learn from home rather than move to a new, likely overcrowded, classroom. Some secondary school students may be able to complete their schoolwork on their own time, also this asynchronous approach would impact students use of technology.

Synchronous remote and hybrid learning are most efficient when schools dedicate a separate teacher to online students. But with staff deficiencies, many teachers teach online and in-person students concurrently.

Find Ways to Stay Connected During Longer Commutes

With a remote learning plan in place, bus drivers will be relieved because some students will be able to take their lectures from home and they won’t need to take a bus to school.

Under the current situation of staff shortage, drivers are being given longer routes in the mornings and afternoons — and sometimes should force additional routes — to get everybody to and from school. In some cases, because all members of the transportation department need to be certified to drive buses, non-drivers and directors are being trapped as temporary drivers.

Due to the longer route, students are spending more time on school buses than in their classrooms. Schools are looking for a way to add wi-fi to their fleets so that students can complete homework, study for exams, access their school library, learn on the go, or easily entertain themselves during long commutes. With the SchoolBic home module, virtual library system and a host of other LMS features institutions can easily provide remote teaching and learning on the GO!.

There is, therefore, no doubt that schools need dedicated ERP software to keep in touch with this rapidly developing, globalized, technology-based environment.

We can, therefore, see that school ERP software like SchoolBic is now paramount for any future-oriented, modern and high-quality schools, such as school, college or university. An educational institution that ignores reality and how the world operates these days without the help of school-based ERP software will likely to fade out.  

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