Student Attendance Management System

student attendance management system

Importatnce of Student Attendance Management System in educational institutions

The normal and common daily routine of every school, college, and educational institution in every part of the world is to see teachers take students’ attendance at the start of every school day, and in some cases, they may take attendance multiple times for students attending a specific subject or course.

Nowadays, taking attendance has gone beyond the four walls of the classroom; it is now a mandatory routine to take attendance of students at the start of every class, even in a virtual classroom or online exam.
The failure to keep track of students’ attendance can be a major cause of concern for parents, school management and government officials.

An institution where there is a student attendance management system in place it simplifies the attendance taking process and enable teachers to keep track of student absenteeism and punctuality while enabling teachers to focus more on teaching and also help school management to understand and detect any irregularities in behaviour related to attendance such as the percentage of students attending school each day in the given year, the reason for absentee students and helps them find ways to avoid dropouts, the data of students attendance when shared with the government it can help them enact or work on policies that will reduce dropout and keep kids in school.

Disadvantages of manual attendance system 
There are many disadvantages of a manual attendance system that many schools are looking at alternatives to keep track of student attendance, as paper-based systems are becoming outdated and inefficient.


 Some of the disadvantages are listed below:

  • In contrast to the manual attendance system, a student attendance management system provides a standardized approach for tracking student attendance reports and identifying patterns in absences.
  • The manual student attendance taking system is a time-consuming process
  • It’s prone to human errors when collecting students attendance
  • It involves a lot of paperwork and wasting of paper and ink
  • Students and employees can manipulate the system in a various manner
  • an unnecessary workload on teachers and thereby reduce their teaching productivity.


The process of manually tracking students attendance has always been a complicated and cumbersome task for teachers and school management over the past years not until with the presence of a student attendance management system, It has been seen that in institutions where there is a good attendance management system in place, there is better academic performance and discipline among students.
What you need to know about Student Attendance Management System?

A student attendance management system is a cloud-based software that minimizes teachers and other users workload on attendance taking matters and enables institutions to eliminate the mundane task of marking attendance with pen and recording attendance data on paper.
it simplifies and automates the process of attendance taking and promote online attendance management and recording. With a student attendance management system teachers and school management can easily manage and track the attendance of students from anywhere at any time with just a click using various devices such as a tablet, PC, mobile devices or any browsing platform. The process of attendance taking in a student attendance management software can even be configured to automatically take students attendance without a teacher or any users intervention by the integration of biometric devices, location-based attendance set up or QR code scanning attendance procedure or self attendance configuration, a typical school attendance management software that provides the above mention automation for taking attendance is SchoolBic.

School attendance management modules over the years have helped institutions keep accurate attendance records quickly and tracking of lat-comers and early. parents can monitor and track their wards leave requests and access detailed attendance information of their child’s from their devices wherever they are. It saves time and money and enables teachers to focus on teaching and imparting knowledge to the students.

purpose of school attendance management system 
The major use of student attendance management software for schools is to automate the attendance taking processes for schools and reduce workload for teachers and other employees. However, there are other important reasons worth investing in a student attendance management system in schools
  1. Tracking of attendance in real-time
    A student attendance management system tracks and stores users attendance reports in real-time, besides attendance the system enables admins in managing and tracking of leaves applications and vacations of staff members & students.


  2. Instant Notification To Parents

    The use of student attendance management system enables schools to track attendance and absenteeism using various means. This data is processed in real-time and the system send an instant notification via SMS, E-mail or push notification to parents to notify them immediately if their child misses school or class..

  3. Improved School Security
    Using a student attendance management system with biometric software ensures that only users with valid biometric credentials can access the school.
  4. Automate The Payroll Process
    Most school management software like schoolBic comprises of payroll module and school attendance system, if the payroll management software is coupled with your school attendance system then the payroll process becomes automated and more efficient. The system will easily track the absence, present and leaves of employees and adjust the staff salaries as necessary based on the information.

    Using the system also reduces the chances of errors in the payroll process. Since the biometric system calculates the exact working hours, the HR team is less susceptible to making errors in formulating the payroll.


The attendance processes in SchoolBic
With schoolBic school management software, there are different types of Attendance processes that schools can opt for, such as: 

  • Location-based attendance system – Fully automated process
  • QR code scanning attendance method- partially Automated process
  • Self attendance system-  Partially automated process
  • Biometric integration – Fully automated process
  • Data entry attendance system- Manual process
The type of system that a school decides on depends on various factors such as budget, size, age group and so on.

Conclusion: Student attendance management system in schools

As a result of the digital revolution in the educational sector, school management software that comes with student attendance management modules like SchoolBic is becoming a mandatory part of the digital revolution, taking over schools all over the world. They are becoming increasingly popular in educational institutes because of the many benefits to schools.

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