How to increase students enrollment in your school

Are you having difficulties growing your school to your desire goal, do you have low enrolment in your educational institution, why are parents not enrolling their kids in my school and e.t.c if all of these are your challenge? there is no need to get frustrated, you are at the right resolution centre for your issues.

In this blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about increasing student enrollment in your educational institution. Without having to move a muscle, No-Hassle is also an automated process. I understand the frustration of establishing an educational institution and having very few students in your classroom; as an educationist with years of experience, I have seen many educational institutions close down due to a lack of students.

This process of increasing student enrollment in your school is entirely online, automated, and applicable anywhere in the world.

There is no need for door-to-door marketing, and as such, you would introduce your educational institution to parents through a virtual way, so that parents can easily know more about your institution from their homes, offices, or wherever they are. However, there are some things you must put in place for this process to work properly.

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Creating a one-of-a-kind website for your educational institution

If you have completely set up your educational institution and are ready to start without a school website, you should reconsider, the days of running your educational institution without a school website are long gone; this is the twenty-first century, and you should not be left behind; the importance of having a website for your educational institution cannot be overstated, however, we will not discuss the importance of having a school website in this blog post; instead, you can read this blog post to learn about the benefits of having a website for your educational institution.

Aside from that, you may believe that you can do offline marketing such as flyer distribution of your school in your neighbourhood, placing a poster or banner of your institution in a major junction, and thus you do not need a website for your institution. This is incorrect; did you know that the majority of parents who contact your school flyer or banner display of your institution Did you know that the majority of parents who come into contact with your school flyer or banner display of your institution and have an interest in enrolling their child in your school begins by looking up your school website to learn more about your school, flyers distribution of your school is an important means of marketing but a lot of parents end up disposing of those flyers easily and take note of your school website in case they are interested in enrolling their kids in your school, distribution of flyers, placement of banners, and your school website all contribute to your success in increasing applicant enrolment in your school.

Designing pattern and how much it will cost you to design and develop

In terms of how much it will cost you to create a website for your institution, There are no fixed charges; the charge for a school website development is determined by factors such as the developer's country, complexity, and the features of the website. however, at schoolBic, we have made school website development affordable for everyone, you can contact us to design your custom school website to your specs, Our payment process allows you to spread our service charge over up to 2.5 years, depending on the website plan you choose. You will be able to pay $50, $100, or $200, etc. monthly until you have completed the full payment, and all plans include a free domain, VPS hosting, SSL certificate, CDN, and many other benefits.

The virtual accessibility of your educational institution

Do you want to keep up with the twenty-first-century trend? If so, gone are the days when a parent had to visit your school to have a tour of your educational institution's facilities; you can now enable parents to tour your educational facilities right from their home or anywhere without the need for a physical presence; virtual touring of your institution can be implemented on your school website. This will be an impressive feature that will persuade parents to see your school as an advanced educational institution that is on the cutting edge.
Remember, you must convince parents before they will enrol their children in your institution. If you are building your school website with us, our website specialist will assist you in integrating virtual tours of your educational institution for free.

Enthralling parents with your dedicated school mobile app and school SIS

The importance of a school mobile app and school management software is not only for school administrators, teachers, students, and other employees to be able to manage and do things from anywhere they are but an ideal school mobile app and school SIS comes with a parents portal that will enable parents to be involved in their child's education, as they will be able to see their child's attendance, pay school fees, quickly get in touch with their ward teacher, check grades and many more.

Displaying your school's mobile app on your school's website and listing all of the features that parents will gain from using the app will convince the parent to enrol their child in your institution. Remember that the first objection is to persuade the parent to enrol their child in your institution before you can demonstrate educational effectiveness. If you need school management software with a lot of features, we are your go-to edu-tech company. For as little as $0.55 per month for a student to start using schoolBic management software and get a dedicated school mobile app that will be available on the Apple and Google Play store.

How to Market Your School Online to Parents in Your School's Neighborhood

Now for the real deal on how to increase student enrolment in your institution, at this point consider digital marketing, such as google paid advertisement or Facebook paid advertisement. it is a very affordable means of driving traffic to your website, by which I mean a large number of parents will be able to see your school website and learn about your school.
since you have a high-quality and appealing school website, that showcases your school dedicated mobile app, virtual tour and other things the student and parent will benefit from enrolling in your school, what next?
Don't just sit back and wait for organic traffic to your website; now is the time to get to work. Let parents know that there is such a school; you can run Facebook or Google paid advertisements that will direct parents to your school website; the better thing about Facebook and Google paid advertisements is that you will be able to target parents within your country, city, or area where your school is located and there is a lot of filtration that can be done. Many parents use Google to search for a school to enrol their child; imagine if you happen to be running a Google paid advertisement; Google will instantly show your school website to such parent ahead of every other school website; to clarify, if you are running a Google paid advertisement, your school website will come first on search engine ahead of every other website that isn't running an advert for your target to increase student enrollment in your institution


The image below depicts how Google will prioritize and display all paid advertisements ahead of others. Small and large educational institutions alike are using digital marketing to increase student enrollment. If you are already a client of ours and need to run a Facebook or Google ad to increase student enrollment in your institution, please contact us to get started. This service is free of charge.

Conclusion: How to increase students enrollment in your school

As a result, digital marketing is the best and most cost-effective way for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions to increase student enrollment.

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