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The academic results or the academic report card communicates and tracks the student’s academic growth over a specific period.

The findings conveyed to the parents over the decades have always been a quantitative evaluation and not a qualitative evaluation of the learning and skills that the students have gathered throughout the study period.

But today, following a result-based learning pattern is not always beneficial to students.
The pressure often contributes to negative learning attitude among the students, apart from creating a stressful situation for learners. It can lead to activities such as rote learning, copying and checking – all contrary to a balanced student’s learning experience.

Apart from creating a stressful situation for learners, the pressure often contributes to negative learning attitude among the students, It can lead to activities such as rote learning, copying during an examination and – all contrary to a balanced student’s learning experience. Unfavourable results have also led to self-harm and suicide in serious circumstances for students.

Therefore, it is time for schools and education institutions to shift from a result-based approach into a more comprehensive system that offers the students feedback on the student’s learning journey. It should be able to guide them in ways that they can improve their learning–without class performance pressures. This has led to a demand for an online results management system that not only ensures that students receive accurate and error-free results–but also provides feedback on all classroom activities, including assessments, test, exam and extracurricular activities.
Today, a result management system needs to incorporate detailed accounts of the result report of each student across different parameters. This may include the teacher’s comments, exam scores, test scores, extracurricular skills, and much more.

Enabling a 360 degree complete and continuous evaluation of the student throughout the academic year will help students to understand their strengths and weaknesses across the various courses. It broadens their perspective on the learning process, helps them to take responsibility for their education, and encourages them to score better in future exams through a real-time course correction.

Below are some thorough analysis of the benefits of an online student result management system and the drawbacks:

1. Faster results processing

This is the obvious benefit of an online student results management system. The traditional paper-based results management process takes time as teachers need to compile the results, manually calculate students’ scores, input the results into the paper-based report card, and wait for the reports to be printed.

depending on the size and population of students in the institution, the traditional paper-based result management process can take up weeks or month.
However, with online student results management system, the results are calculated automatically and then results are always readily available to view from the respective students portal also results can be email or SMS to students and parents with just a click of a button.

2. Error free student results management system

Almost for every teacher, the examination period is a period of stress and anxiety. This is because of the cumbersome process of manually collecting students’ results, marking them, converting the marks into grades, and keeping them safe until the day the parents (or students) get to see them.
The fact that this whole procedure is vulnerable to human mistakes and miscalculations is a major drawback to conventional results management approaches. While handling manual exam papers, there is also a high chance that they will be lost or damaged due to unforeseen environmental situations.

All these problems are eliminated using the online result management system in your institution. The automated calculation and grading of students’ marks and storage of the results of the examination reduces the burden on the teachers and avoids human error, damage or loss.

3. It gives students an accurate insight into their academic performance and motivates them

Not only do immediate result reduce the stress and anxiety of students waiting for their results. The faster they get their results and know their marks and scores, the easier it is for students to realize their academic performance, error and work on re-learning and seeking improvement before time.

The online system can generate a student performance report with analytics reports. This report will provide the class teacher and parents with a precise understanding of the students’ strengths and weaknesses, academic interests and subjects in which further improvement is needed.

4.Bias-Free system and process

The absence of human interference with the online result management system means that the results are free from personal partialities and bias. These preconceptions can usually go unconscious, but they influence the characteristics and morals of the student.

On the other hand, the online results management system is free from any such bias towards any student.


1.Technical Glitches and learning curves

Just like any other software, there is a learning curve for teachers to be able to use the online results management system, as well as any other technical issue, there may be occasional glitches in the online results management system may be server problems to a lack of internet connection. However, with schoolbic school management system, these are challenges that can be easily managed, to ensure that the online result management system is not affected by these drawbacks.

However, with technological advances, schools nowadays can transfer their entire results management system online. The system is designed and developed to simplify and facilitate the process of generating and managing results. It gives the school a lot of advantages and eliminates the unnecessary waste of time for teachers management in this aspect.

Educational institution utilize Schoolbic online student management system for effective management

The online student management system is, therefore, the best and most affordable way for schools, colleges and educational institutions to manage their results in a manner that offers academic advancement and benefits to all stakeholders and everyone.

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