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Important and must know Features for School Management Software Users

Software for school management facilitates the digital transformation of a school by using different modules available in the software. Your school can also take advantage of digital transformation with the help of the right school ERP if properly implemented and guided. Nearly all of the school management software has hundreds of features, and school users should begin with all the features to completely configure the school software. In most schools, the phase-by-phase approach is recommended rather than a large-scale approach.

The following are some of the recommended features a first time user should look for in a school management software and also utilize its full potential.

For the Teachers

Teachers timetable and institutional schedule


All teachers would find the school management software useful and will always use the school management application to have access to their timetable and institutional timetable. They can access it via a mobile app or a web browser. Teachers are going to plan well for the next classes on the schedule. In addition to the timetable, teachers may use the timetable to track activities at the school level that impact their students and include them.



The human resource module in the school management system takes care of or every payroll and other human resource processes in the institution effectively. Teachers and other employees can see their payment history and even print and download their payroll slips for reference purposes our personal use when need when needed.

messaging and Notification modules

School management software will use the reminder module and contact tools to provide parents with notifications and messages on various issues, such as announcements, holidays, appointments, etc. These messages are received either as text messages or via a push notification on their mobile phones. Teachers or any privilege users can use the notification or message module to send any important messages to school parents with just a click of a button.

For Parents & Students

Parent and teachers communication module

school parents should be able to interact easily and efficiently with their wards class teacher. The school management application provides an inbuilt communication tool that works very similar like a WhatsApp message straight forward and simple. Through this, the parents may send messages to their children and the teacher is informed immediately of any new message, likewise, teachers can send messages to their student parent.

School Calendar/ Academic schedule

The school calendar in the application provides parents with an insight into the academic year. parent and teachers can view it from the parent or student personal dashboard via a web browser or the school mobile app, Parents and student will be able to see different activities in the calendar including holidays, tests, parent-teacher meetings, other events etc based on their children classes or see general activities that will happen in the institution.

Student Gradebook

The academic success of their children is the highest priority and the highest aspirations of school parents. Numerous tests and examinations the school conduct for students are automatically recorded. The results of these assessments are shared with parents in the gradebook. Gradebook are automatically created and sent to the different parent email address and SMS alerts using the school management software. Parents can use their mobile app or web browsers to view and print grade books from their portal.

For the school Administrators

student information report

In a school management application, the life-cycle data of each student in the school are available in the system. If the student’s work is to be analyzed, it can be achieved from one place with all the information available for several years, including, but not limited to, attendance, academic success, discipline, non-academic performance, fee payments, teacher remarks. This is very useful if the student’s parent is visiting the school, and the academic officer’s head wants the student data from one place.

Report Centre

This is an invaluable feature for administrators to aggregate reports from various modules to help them make decisions and to send them to senior authorities, in the custom reports, any updates to the student, employee or organizational data are updated automatically. This module prevents repetitive demands by higher management or government authorities monitoring schools.

The School Accounting feature offers the school administrator all the information and reports on how to automatically receive and analyze fees. Fee collection is the most critical task for private and semi-private schools in an educational system to ensure academic programs are carried out properly, delays in the collection of fees may have the most bothersome and most unwanted effect on school operations. The various reports on the module such as the fee unpaid invoice list help administrators to speed up the collection of fees.

privileges Access

The comprehensive control of user rights in school management software allows administrators the ability to build multiple accounts, without jeopardizing user privacy and protection, to handle the various modules.

With this post, we hope we’ve been able to inform the new users of school management software like schoolBic about the important and key features that should be utilize and get used to in little. This year, we the Schoolbic team, are aiming to be a ground-breaking year for new features and patterns, with a spike in the dependence of ERP software to help make schooling more open and affordable. 

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