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Benefit of student database management system

Careful planning and time management are important for the functioning of the education system. Today, some school has become a diverse entity with several campuses, many divisions and a large number of students.

The automated system is a necessity, for schools transitioning from a conventional paper-based system to a digital. A school database management system uses a digital database system to keep all the students documented in its simplest form. The system has, however, far more complex functions in practical terms.
The automated system is an important process for managing the student database, with schools moving from a traditional paper-based data management system to a digital system. The student database management system uses a digital monitoring system to keep track of all students in their simplest form. However, in practical terms, the system has far more complex functions.
It maintains a database of all student information, ranging from attendance fee and financial records, medical records, student reports card, transportation use, and other facilities regularly used by students.

The Student Database Management System allows schools to save and retrieve documents as requested by the School Management Department, making the job easier.

Schools with student database management systems have many benefits, but let us look at some of the key advantages of student database management:

Smooth service

The Student Database Management System informs the school management team of the need to carry out various events and activities. This provides a complete summary of all the details on a single screen and ensures that all key data is identified. This leads to a minimum of effort to improve efficiency and advancement.

Easier communication between students and teachers, parents and teachers vice-versa is possible through a student database management system and allows students to stay connected.

Student messaging system

Instant notifications can be sent to parents regarding school events and attendance as well as disciplinary issues via email or SMS instead of depending on the school diary. Students can contact each other or their teachers in the discussion boards to overcome their questions and work together on assignments. 

This allows schools to keep up-to-date on the number and address of students using the school transportation system in real time. This makes it much easier to prepare for the road. It also helps school and parents to track the bus along the way and regularly updates parents in the event of delays, track adjustments or delays.

Report center or database

This report centre integrates data from all school modules, including attendance, payment reports, user statistics reports, payroll payment, etc., into the school database management program.
school report system
The software makes it possible to configure and deliver these reports in a manner that supports the decision-making process of the school management team. 

Automated system of attendance

In order to keep a fast and reliable record of the presence of students and school staff, the attendance management system uses a biometric device or an access card. The system spares teachers a tiring time every morning and provides a quick summary and a record of regular latecomers, absent and present students and staffs.

school biometric device

Student management system sends parent notification alert concerning their children’s attendance status. It also helps schools to monitor the attendance of teachers and the various staff, and to measure leaves and working hours easily and precisely.

Automated generation of timetable

The timetable is usually drawn up manually at the beginning of each academic year and can be a time-consuming and long process for teachers. An efficient and reliable school timetable is automatically created using student database software.

Automated school time table generator

This automated scheduling system is error-free and ensures that all facilities in schools, such as classrooms, computer labs and libraries, are optimally used.

Organized school event and calendar

The school event calendar can be viewed and modified by the school administrator on the student database system for school students, parents, teachers and other staff members to keep up-to-date with the various activities that the school is planning. It also enables parents to train their children for a variety of calendar activities and tournaments. If the event calendar changes, the software will make it easier for parents by notifying them via SMS or e-mail.

Efforless management of assignment

The student assignment management feature is designed to assist teachers in the distribution of student homework and assignments and in the collection of finished work, review and feedback from students. the school database software makes arrangements for each assignment of an expired date, making it effortless and faster to handle the project, rather than manually handling such tasks.

Enhanced Data Security

One of the best features in managing a student database with technology is that it is extremely secure and that all school data is kept secure. The system gives access only to those who have already been authorized to, Thus provide secure access to all sensitive student information.

These are some of the key benefits of the student management system. Besides, the system is user-friendly, provides a paperless world, easy customization, and many other important features that school owners, teachers, student and other user will appreciates.
We can, therefore, see that school ERP software like SchoolBic is essential

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